Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My new travel 4 Zen blog

I get the craziest ideas late at night, but I love to travel, and I love to study Zen, and I especially love when these two things come together, those wonderful moments of Zen that travel so often brings. So, I'm going to write about my travels and my moments of Zen, and hopefully hear from others about their moments of Zen. And maybe, this will help still others to be more aware of their moments of Enlightenment, because we all have them!

This is a picture of three worshipers deep in a conversation. I was at the Muslim temple in Xi'an, China. These three could have been any collection of three souls, three teenage girls giggling amongst themselves, three housewives sharing the day's frustrations, etc. I think it illustrates how we are all connected; humanity is just one soul with many bodies. Have you ever had this Zen realization during your travels, or during your everyday life?