Sunday, March 14, 2010

Vacation among the animals!!

Below are some great places to vacation where the wild things are! I picked some hotels, inns and lodges that allow guests to live among exotic animals.

Click on the pictures for lodging websites.

At Costa Verde hotel in Costa Rica, rare monkeys are part of the every day charm.

Photo by Donna62 on

Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge is a great place to experience the exotic animals of the African wilderness without leaving the United States.

This is Four Seasons Golden Triangle in Thailand, where you live among the elephants, help care for them, and stay in luxurious tents in the midst of a lush jungle. For a much cheaper alternative, try Elephantstay. They're on facebook too.

Do a search on for giraffe manor africa and you'll see all the pictures of giraffes kissing
guests and poking muzzles into second floor windows for snacks. has some fun pictures too. This would be Rachel heaven!


  1. Oh, my gosh! I can't beleive there are places like this. I'm with you on the Giraffe Manor. Let's go!!!

  2. Hi Betty -
    I didn't see this comment until now. I haven't been very good about keeping up this blog. But doesn't it look divine?