Monday, June 13, 2011

Atlanta Garden Tour

Just went on the garden tour put on by - the gardens were amazing!

This is my husband Tao - doesn't he add nicely to the landscape? This place had 300 different species of Japanese Maple. I didn't know they made that many! The garden was situated on 3 acres full of meandering stone paths, hostas, hydrangeas, and concrete balls. More on those later.

This garden above was tiny - no larger than the backyard you would find in a patio home, but it was choc full of topiary. No space was wasted!

Of course, I have to get a kitty picture...

Balls were an element that were found in many of the gardens - they must be en vogue. Another garden had concrete balls. Big concrete balls. This could be psychoanalyzed, but I'll leave that to the experts.

The goat was a suburban resident. They also had chickens and a vegi garden.

Here is the garden that had balls. The concrete ones. Interesting that I am featuring this one the most. Hmmmmm. It was situated on 3 acres and was so serene and gorgeous. Pictures don't do it justice.

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