Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Nicaragua and Costa Rica

This is a picture I took in Nicaragua, featuring Central American machismo in full force.  The guys are VERY flirty there, but as you can see, from my experience, it was always in good fun and respectful.

On a more serious note, here are some more cool pics I took on that trip...

This guy wasn't so flirty.  We had stopped at his friend's table to get a watch repaired and I was pretending to take pictures of the repairer.  But I found the yellow shirted man's expression much more intriguing.

This is Tamarindo, Costa Rica

There's a bit of a story behind this trip (isn't there always?).  I am also an artist, and I'm always looking for good pictures to paint.  I found some beautiful ones of cats, and asked the owner for permission to paint them.  We got to be friends, and it just so happens she lives in Switzerland.  So that summer, I told her I wanted to visit her in Switzerland.  She replied "I'm jealous, I want to go somewhere!" Long story short, we agreed to meet in Costa Rica.  It was an amazing trip!

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