Sunday, June 2, 2013

Ukai Toriyama restaurant near Tokyo Japan

  Ukai Toriyama is a wonderful restaurant we visited just outside of Tokyo.  There were several buildings scattered throughout the grounds, which were filled with koi ponds, water wheels, and flowers.

 This is our guide and friend, Ann Kullberg.  She was born in Japan and loves to show people the country.  She's also a globe-trotting, world famous artist.

 These are my parents.  My mother is also a wonderful artist!

 This is Jane, a friend of Ann's and now ours.  She is a wonderful artist too but doesn't have a website : (  She's about to eat a whole fish - she said the back was better than the front.

Sushi in Japan, sourced from the nearby mountain streams.  A little bony but it wins points for authenticity.

Yes, I ate it.  Not so good.

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