Sunday, June 8, 2014

From Vancouver to Toronto on Via Rail

During my Spring Break, I took the Via Rail train from Vancouver to Toronto. This is the second time I've slept on a train. The first time was in China, where I shared a room with three other people, two of whom were smokers. It was VERY uncomfortable. On the Via Rail train, I had a one person roomette and I loved it. Here are some of the scenery highlights...

The video below shows what you can expect from the dining room, accommodations and public spaces of the train.


  1. I would ask you so many questions about the VIA Rail! Don't you plan on writing a detailed account of the trip? :)
    I've been in Toronto twice this year, and both times I've been dreaming on taking that train to Vancouver. Third time must be the charm!

    1. I'm probably going to stick to the videos showing the trip. It was WONDERFUL and I would suggest it to anyone. The last two days were not very scenic, but still very relaxing with amazing food.