Monday, April 9, 2012

Pictures from Florence Italy

As an artist, you'd think my favorite thing about Florence was all the amazing art at every turn.  But I think one of my favorite things about Florence was how the buildings glowed in the late afternoon sun.  The light was magical!  

 Another favorite way to enjoy the city was to wander down random alleys.  I came upon this colorful display of vegis during one such foray.

 But the architectural masterpieces ARE breathtaking.  I took this photo from the hotel's breakfast area where I stayed.  We could have thrown a stone across the alley from our room and hit the Duomo.  The video below demonstrates...

I climbed to the top of the Duomo - the video below shows how big it really is.  How did they build such masterpieces that long ago?

The Arno

In Florence, people live their day to day lives among museum worthy art.  I loved the juxtaposition of the ordinary with the extraordinary.  

Lunch by Ponte Vecchio

Dinner by the infamous Piazza Signoria, which dates back to the 14th century and is where Savanarola was executed.

Ponte Vecchio

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